Capstone Wealth Management, LLC.,
is a Registered Investment Advisor

Registered Investment Advisor

True Wealth

At Capstone Wealth Management Group, true wealth is measured not by what you earn today, but by what you have available tomorrow. As independent professionals, we always put your dreams and long-term financial goals at the forefront of our planning strategies and customized solutions. And while your investment needs may change over time, our commitment to impeccable service and loyalty will never waver.

Whether you have inherited wealth, are in the accumulation stage, or a successful business owner who wants to ensure the preservation of wealth for future generations, you can trust Capstone Wealth Management Group, LLC for your needs. Call today to schedule a free “gets acquainted” meeting where we discuss your financial objectives and determine if Capstone Wealth Management Group is a good fit for a long-term relationship.

We Have Moved. Our new office address is:

404 SW Columbia Street, Suite 230
Bend, OR 97702